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Bleach Legacy is a Bleach Roleplaying forum. The Time is 3012, 1000 years has past sense the defeat of Aizen. The side allows you to join a squad and make your character. Join and gain great experience.
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 Ranking Explanations

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PostSubject: Ranking Explanations    Sun Dec 04, 2011 7:40 pm


Quote :

The Captain maintains and operates the division. It's his/her duty to make sure the division is active and keep the general division members happy with new and entertaining threads and events. The captain must also regulate division members


Quote :
The Vice-Captain's job is the same as the Captain generally has automatic say so in a matter, though will still sometimes need the Captain's permission. If for some reason the captain is unable to post the Vice-Captain will will take his/her place as a Temporary Captain until the Captain is able to return to his/her duties.

High Council

3rd Seat:

Quote :
The 3rd Seat is generally the must active person in the division, and though they do not have an automatic say in things the Captain and Vice-Captain take their opinions very seriously. They often act as the division spokesperson, and most members will come them for small things they don't want to bother the captain with. The 3rd Seat is the head of the high council and often delegates the proceedings going on within it. If the vice-Captain is unable to post for whatever reason then the 3rd Seat will assume the position of temporary Vice-Captain until they are able to return to their post.

4th-6th Seats:

Quote :
These are the division's elite, and are considered to be the most active, except for those who are ranked above them. They make up the ruling section of the high council and matters that the captain, Vice-captain, and 3rd Seat have are almost always discussed with them.

Upper Seated Officers


Quote :
These are the members with the generally higher level of activity. They are the pillars of the division keeping it strong and active. These seats must maintain a high level activity and contribute to division matters here and there.

Lower Seated Officers

12th-20th Seat:

Quote :
These members are the division's general public. Without you there wouldn't be much of a point to the division. These members maintain a decent to good activity, and really all they have to do is participate in division events and such.

Non-Seated Members

Quote :

Recruits are the division's new blood. Nothing is expected of Recruits except that they prove they are going to be active and participate within the division in order to gain a seated position.

Honorary Members:

Quote :
Honorary member are often people who used to be in the division, but are no longer able to maintain activity. An Honorary Member can post throughout the division and contribute to discussions and ideas but that's really all they can do unless otherwise Stated by the captain or Vice-Captain.
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PostSubject: Re: Ranking Explanations    Wed Jul 11, 2012 2:00 am

RolePlay in The First:
Ranking and Unlocked Abilities

This list is a breakdown of the new structure for ranking and the abilities ranking promotions can unlock when it comes to roleplaying and spars.

Please note that members who are assessed for non-roleplaying skills and contributions to the division can also be promoted to these ranks based on non-RP criteria - this is meant more as a guide for those members who want to roleplay and spar as to what their rank will allow them to do.

This breakdown is more fluid than the old one, allowing unlocking of skills at different levels. It means that most ranking promotions bring with it a RP advantage. An eleventh seated officer and a fifteenth seated officer now have different skills available to them. This is more in keeping with Bleach and the ranking system, and gives more of an incentive to be promoted.

Members do not need to train three times to release all their shikai skills, but will only be able to use the number of techniques applicable to their rank level.

Special Skills
These are specialities that members may have alongside their zanpakutou - essentially Kidou, Hohou, Hakuda. It is not compulsory to have a special skill.


Roleplay: Divisional Rank Status List

minimum two weeks probationary. Boot camp should be undertaken here. Recruits should be active in all parts of the division and show an eagerness to get acquainted with their new division members.
Skills unlocked: Basic kidou (see spellbook), sword skills with an asauchi ONLY.

SHUNPO DIVIDE (all members above this level can use basic shunpo skills in battle)

Twentieth to Sixteenth Seat
Learned skills unlocked:
Shunpo, some additional Kidou (see kidou spell book), more confident asauchi sword skills. This is the time when members can begin communicating with their swords.
Ranks reserved for a recruit's initial promotion on completing Boot Camp. From sixteenth seat, members can also start training for a special skill.

--SHIKAI DIVIDE (all members above this level can train for shikai)
--TRAINING DIVIDE (all members above this level can train recruits in BOOT CAMP).

Fifteenth to Thirteenth Seat
Learned skills unlocked:
Shikai (one technique), some Kidou.

Twelfth - Eleventh Seat
Learned skills unlocked:
Shikai (two techniques), some Kidou.

-LEADERSHIP DIVIDE (all members above this level can be appointed team leaders in missions)

Tenth Seat

-TRAINING DIVIDE (all members above this level can train other members in SHIKAI)

Ninth-Eighth Seat
Learned skills unlocked:
Shikai (fully mastered), some Kidou

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Ranking Explanations
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