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 [一] Kidou Scrolls

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PostSubject: [一] Kidou Scrolls   [一] Kidou Scrolls I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 13, 2012 6:29 am

「破道の術」 HADOU (Way of Destruction) SPELLS

#1 "Shou" 衝 (Thrust):
Pushes the target away from the caster.

#4 "Byakurai" 白雷 (White Lightning):

Fires a concentrated bolt of lightning from the caster's forefinger.

#11 "Tsuzuri Raiden" 綴雷電 (Binding Storm):
Electric current flows through any object the user touches and is able to lead electricity, damaging any target that is in contact with the object the current runs through.

16th Seat and up

#31 "Shakkahou" 赤火砲 (Red Fire Cannon):
Fires a ball of red energy at a target.

Japanese Incantation: Kunrinsha yo! Chiniku no kamen, banshou, habataki, hito no na o kansu mono yo! Shounetsu to souran, umi-hedate sakamaki minami e ho o susume yo!

Incantation "Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Inferno and pandemonium, the sea barrier surges, march on to the south!"

#32 "Oukasen" 黃火閃 (Yellow Fire Flash):
A bright beam of yellow energy fired as a blast against an opponent.

#33 "Soukatsui" 蒼火墜 (Blue Fire, Crash Down):
Fires a burst of blue spiritual energy at a target in a similar manner to 31, but over a wider area and with more power.

Japanese Incantation: "Kunrinsha yo! Chiniku no kamen, banshou, habataki, hito no na o kansu mono yo! Shinri to sessai, tsumishiranu yume no kabe ni wakuza ni tsume o tate yo!"

Incantation:: "Ye lord! Mask of flesh and bone, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! Truth and temperance, upon this sinless wall of dreams unleash but slightly the wrath of your claws!"

#54 "Haien" 廃炎 (Abolishing Flames):
Fires a blast of purple spiritual energy that will incinerate a target completely when it makes contact.

#58 "Tenran" 闐嵐 (Abundant Tempest):
A widening tornado-like blast is fired towards the target. On all occasions seen so far, it has been fired by using a spinning zanpakutou as a base - it is unclear whether it can be fired without a zanpakutou.

#63 "Raikouhou" 雷吼炮 (Burning Lightning Howl):
Fires a massive wave of yellow energy at a target.

Japanese Incantation: "Sanzai suru kemono no hone! Sentou, koushou, koutetsu no sharin. Ugokeba kaze, tomareba sora, yariutsu neiro ga kojou ni michiru!"

Incantation: Sprinkled on the bones of the beast! Sharp tower, red crystal, steel ring. Move and become the wind, stop and become the calm. The sound of warring spears fills the empty castle!"

#73 "Souren Soukatsui" 双蓮蒼火墜 (Twin Lotus, Blue Fire Crash Down):
Note: Essentially a doubled version of #33, this spell fires two shots of blue fire with greater potency than the single-shot variety. In the anime, Rukia labels this spell as #73, in the manga it appears as #63.

Japanese incantation: "Kunrinsha yo! Chiniku no kamen, banshou, habataki, hito no na o kansu mono yo! Souka no kabe ni, souren no kizamo. Taika no fuchi o enten ni tematsu

Incantation:"Ye lord! Mask of blood and flesh, all creation, flutter of wings, ye who bears the name of Man! On the wall of blue flame, inscribe a twin lotus. In the abyss of conflagration, wait at the far heavens."

#88 "Hiryuugeki Zokushin Tenraihou" 飛竜撃賊震天雷砲 (Flying Dragon Striking, Heaven-Shaking, Lightning Cannon):
Fires a massive blast of spiritual energy in a fashion similar to a laser.

#90 "Kurohitsugi" 黒棺 (Black Coffin):
Forms a box of black energy around a target, which is then pierced by dozens of energy "spears", lacerating the one inside from head to toe. Its appearance and function is reminiscent of a common magician's trick, as well as certain torture devices used during the Spanish Inquisition.

#91 "Senjukou Tentaihou" 千手皎天汰炮 (Thousand Hands Shining, Imperial Heaven's Burn)
A blast (presumably hot!) of spiritual energy (somewhat similar to some of the cannons. Possibly white, as the kou kanji can translate as 'white'. Used by Urahara vs Aizen so can be assumed to be pretty darn strong.

#96 "Ittou Kasou" 一刀火葬 (One Stroke Cremation)
Releases a huge flare of power around the wielder up in a column crossing a wide surface area. Probably fire powered and highly dangerous o.o

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PostSubject: Re: [一] Kidou Scrolls   [一] Kidou Scrolls I_icon_minitimeFri Jul 13, 2012 6:31 am

「縛道の術」BAKUDOU (Way of Binding) SPELLS

#1 "Sai" 塞 (Restrain):
Locks a target's arms in place behind their back.

#4 "Hainawa" 這縄 (Crawling Rope):
An energy rope entangles a target's arms.

#8 "Seki" 斥 (Repulse):
Creates a small round shield that repels and stuns whatever strikes it.

#9 "Geki" 撃 (Strike):
Engulfs a target in red light, completely paralyzing them.

Japanese Incantation: Jikai seyo RONDANIINI no kuroinu!! Ichidoku.Yakiharai. Mizukara nodo kakikiru ga ii!

Incantation: "Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat!"

#9b "Hourin" 崩輪 (Disintegrating Ring)/ 抱綸 (Embracing Cord):
Japanese Incantation: Jikai seyo RONDANIINI no kuroinu!! Ichidoku. Yakiharai. Mizukara nodo kakikiru ga ii!

Incantation: "Disintegrate, you black dog of Rondanini! Look upon yourself with horror and then claw out your own throat!"

NB: This has the same incantation and number as Geki, but was used by Hinamori in the Zanpakutou Filler Arc. It takes a different form, instead being yellow and zappy and acts more as a binding whip or rope. The official kanji and therefore meaning of this spell is unknown. Disintegrating Ring/Circle is the popular Wiki meaning - however I have given a second meaning which seems to look a little bit more like what the spell actually does - Wiki has been wrong on spell meanings before.
To be honest it looked more like a mangled version of Geki's spell and Hainawa's actual end result, but since it's now in the anime, it's also now in our spell book.

#21 "Sekienton" 赤煙遁 (Red Smoke Evasion):
By thrusting his or her hands down onto the ground, a burst of red smoke flares up in front of the attacker. Presumably its uses are two-fold - to conceal the attacker's whereabouts and to try and confuse the opponent.

#26 "Kyokkou" 曲光 (Curving Light):
Bends the light around the target, rendering it invisible.

#30 "Shitotsu Sansen " 嘴突三閃 (Beak-Stab Triple-Flash):
After using kidou energy to draw out an equilateral triangle, the targets' arms and waist are pinned down and rendered immobile.

#37 " Tsuriboshi" 吊星 (Hanging Star):
Creates a star-shaped cushion of Spiritual Energy, which anchors it to nearby objects with "ropes" of spirit particles. It can stop falling objects, acting like a safety net.

#39 "Enkousen" 円閘扇 (Arc Shield, literally "Round Locked Fan"):
Summons a shield of condensed Reiatsu to block opponents' attacks.

#58 "Kakushitsuijaku" 摑趾追雀 (Summoning of the Tracking Sparrows):
Tracks and locates any spiritual force the user focuses on. To activate it, the user must draw a circle on the ground, cut into four parts with a specific character in each. The incantation animates the circle, causing various numbers to appear within until the specific set is found. The number set seems to be a variation on longitude and latitude.

Japanese Incantation: Minami no shinzou, kita no hitomi, nishi no yubisaki, higashi no kakato, kazemochite tsudoi ame haraite chire."

Incantation: Heart of the south, eye of the north, fingertip of the west, heel of the east, Brought by the wind, leave and scatter with the rain."

#61 "Rikujoukourou" 六杖光牢 (Six Rods Prison of Light):
Summons six thin, but wide, beams of light that slam into a target's midsection, holding them in place. It also appears to inhibit general movement to a degree, as Byakuya used it to prevent Rukia from moving her sword without directly binding her arms.

Japanese incantation: "Raimei no basha. Itokuruma no kangeki. Hikari mote kore o mutsu ni wakatsu!"

Incantation: "Carriage of Thunder. Abyss of the spinning wheel. With light, divide this into six!"

#62 "Hyapporankan" 百歩欄干 (Hundred Stepped Rails):
A rod formed of energy is thrown towards the target before it disintegrates into numerous short rods which are used to pin the target to the surroundings and render them immobile.

#63 "Sajou Sabaku" 鎖条鎖縛 (Winding Binding Chain):
The target is wrapped from the neck down in a thick chain.

#73 "Tozanshou" 倒山晶(Falling Mountain Crystal):
Creates a pyramid-shaped barrier around the caster.

#75 "Gochuutekkan" 五柱鉄貫 (Five Pillar Iron Brace):
An iron chain is fastened, then five pillars seal the target's whole body.

Japanese Incantation: Tessa no kabe, sougyou no tou. Shakutetsu keikei, tanzen to shite tsui ni oto nashi.

Incantation: "Wall of iron sand, pagoda of priestly form, shimmering fireflies of iron, fill until the silent end."

#77 "Tenteikuura" 天挺空羅 (Heavenly Rickshaws in Silken Air):
Transmits messages to anyone within a specific area. In addition to reciting the spell, the user must draw specific markings on their arms, which are animated by the spell to convey the messages.

Japanese Incantation: Kokubyaku no ami. Nijuu-ni no kyouryou, rokujuu-roku no kantai. Sokuseki. Enrai. Senpou. Kaichi. Yafuku. Unkai. Aoi tairetsu. Taien ni michite, ten o hashire."

Incantation: "Net of black and white, 22 bridges, 66 peerless domains, footprints, distant thunder, crest of the mountains, volatile earth, enshroud by night, sea of clouds, blue formations, rise into the towering circle and charge across the heavens."

#79 "Kuyou Shibari" 九曜縛 (Nine Days Binding):
A powerful binding spell which exhibits as black flares of energy that surround the target before driving together to bind it at its core. Urahara uses this on Aizen in 402.

#81 "Dankuu" 断空 (Splitting Void):
Creates an energy barrier in the form of a rectangular wall. According to Byakuya, it is capable of stopping destructive spells up to #89.

#99 "Kin" 禁 (Forbidden) (Part 1):
Binds the arms of a target with spiritual fabric and iron shafts.

Incantation: Requires the first two songs, "Shiryuu" (Halting Wrap) and "Hyakurensan" (100 joined locks). This is an incomplete version of "Bankin" (Complete Seal).

#99 "Bankin" 卍禁 (Ultimate Forbidden) (Part 2):
This spell covers a target from head to toe with spiritual fabric [first song: halting fabric, stabs them with numerous metal blades [second song: hundred linked bolts, and then smashes them with an immense metal cube.
Incantation: Requries all three songs: "Shiryuu" (Halting Wrap), "Hyakurensan" (100 joined locks) and "Bankin Taihou" (great seal of 10,000 forbiddings).

First song (Shoukyoku): Halting Fabric (Shiryuu).
Second song: (Nikyoku) hundred linked bolts (Hyaku Rensan).
Final song (Shuukyoku): Great seal of 10,000 forbiddings (Bankin Taihou)

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[一] Kidou Scrolls
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