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Bleach Legacy is a Bleach Roleplaying forum. The Time is 3012, 1000 years has past sense the defeat of Aizen. The side allows you to join a squad and make your character. Join and gain great experience.
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 [一] The Guide to Make a Zanpakutou

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[一] The Guide to Make a Zanpakutou Empty
PostSubject: [一] The Guide to Make a Zanpakutou   [一] The Guide to Make a Zanpakutou I_icon_minitimeWed Jul 11, 2012 2:28 am

Zanpakutou Guide;
All Zanpakutou in shikai or bankai unleash some kind of power when they are activated. From this power, the abilities of the Zanpakutou are created, if it has any. The type of power a Zanpakutou is what we call the "Zanpakutou Type". Zanpakutou have many different shapes and sizes, even when it comes to types. You have physical-based, reiatsu-based, fire, ice, water, electric or pretty much any element and many more types.

A Zanpakutou can hold up to 5 abilities in each stage (Shikai or Bankai). This being 1 innate ability, 1 passive ability and 3 active abilities.

The Innate ability, is mostly about control over your weapon. This ability is the one most linked with the Zanpakutou's type and is the main ability of your zanpakutou. This is ability was born together with your weapon, and doesn't need any teachings or commands. Innate abilities can be anything related to your zanpakutou type and the appearance of your zanpakutou.

Examples in canon include Kuchiki Byakuya's control over the hundreds of petals, Yamamoto's control over the flames coming of his sword and Hitsugaya Toushiro's ability to fire freezing ice dragons with a swing of his sword.

But aside from elements, you can also look at Ichimaru Gin being able to extend and retract his sword.

The passive ability, is a side effect your zanpakutou might have on you or your enviroment. The user usually has no control over the passive ability, so they have to take it in account when fighting with their zanpakutou in Bankai or Shikai. This ability of your zanpakutou can't be taught and can't be commanded. You'll most likely experience it if you have one, when you go shikai or bankai for the first time.

Examples of Passive abilities are Kurosaki Ichigo's Bankai condensing all his reiatsu into a small sword, and thereby exponantially increase his speed, Madarame Ikkaku's Bankai increasing his attack strength over time, Kira Izuru's ability to double the weight of anything his zanpakutou hits, or Soifon's sure kill ability after a second hit in the same spot.

The active abilities, are the three reiatsu based abilities your zanpakutou can create with the right commands. These are usually taught to you by your Zanpakutou's Spirit, and recquire lots of training to master. The abilities gradually get stronger the more you train them and the higher seated you are. The last ability your zanpakutou teaches you would be your strongest attack for the form you are in (Shikai or Bankai).
There are many examples of active abilities in Bleach, and they are all named by their characters.

These include Ichigo's Getsuga Tenshou, Rukia's 3 dances or any Bankai's finishing move.

Active abilities come with a downside to them, however. As they all cost reiatsu, and how much of that depending on how strong the ability is, they all recquire something to activate them besides the command. Some recquire the wielder to stand still while using the ability, or an immense focus. Some abilities hurt the owner, and some take time to charge. It is crucial to remind yourself that the stronger the ability, the bigger the downside has to be to balance the ability out in terms of usability.

To release your zanpakutou and get a stage further, either shikai or bankai, you'll always have to undergo training with a member suited for training you.

10th seat to Captain are able to train other members for Shikai.

3rd seat to Captain are able to train other members for Bankai.

Practice spars and bouts can happen between members who are below tenth seat but at present it is not possible for an officer ranked lower than 10th seat to give training for shikai.

Once you're strong enough for training, you can request an officer from this ranking level to help you with your training. You can also request training for shikai in the form of a mission if you prefer that format to a basic spar. Bankai training at present must take place in a sparring ground or arena.

To show you when you're ready for training, here is an estimate of when you're strong enough in terms of seating:

Quote :
Recruits- Only fit to wield their unreleased swords.
20th seat to 18th seat- Can train for Shikai and use their innate and passive abilities.
17th seat to 15th seat- Can use their 1st active ability in Shikai.
14th seat to 11th seat- Can use their 2nd active ability in Shikai.
10th seat to 6th seat- Can use their 3rd active ability and will have mastered their Shikai.
5th seat to 3rd seat- Can train for Bankai and use their innate, passive and 2 active abilities.
Vice-Captain to Captain- Can use their 3rd active ability and will have mastered their Shikai and Bankai.

[一] The Guide to Make a Zanpakutou Zuzu
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[一] The Guide to Make a Zanpakutou
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