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Bleach Legacy is a Bleach Roleplaying forum. The Time is 3012, 1000 years has past sense the defeat of Aizen. The side allows you to join a squad and make your character. Join and gain great experience.
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 Stealth Force Profiles

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PostSubject: Stealth Force Profiles   Tue Jul 10, 2012 3:36 am

Every soldier of this squad is required to post a Soldier Profile. There are no exceptions! Please follow the form below as a basic outline. Any other information about your charter is welcome.


Appearance and personality
- Gender:
- Eye Color:
- Height:
- Weight:
- Appearance:
- Personality:
- Resolve:
- Basic fighting style:

Zanpakuto Information

- Zanpakuto Name:
- Zanpakuto spirit appearance:
- Sealed zanpakuto appearance:
- Shikai appearance:
- Shikai release command:
- Passive abilities (Top class gets 3 passive | 2nd class gets 2 passive | 3rd class gets 1 passive):
- Active abilities (Top class gets 3 passive | 2nd class gets 2 passive | 3rd class gets 1 passive):

Bankai information (only for Captain, Vice captain, and 3rd seat!)

- Bankai release command:
- Bankai appearance:
- Passive abilities (Captain gets 3 passive | vice captain gets 2 passive | 3rd seat gets 1 passive):
- Active abilities
(Captain gets 3 passive | vice captain gets 2 passive | 3rd seat gets 1 passive):

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PostSubject: Vice Captain information   Tue Jul 10, 2012 5:57 am

Name: Riku Ryoshi
Age: 17
Birthday: February 19th

Appearance and personality
- Gender: Male
- Eye Color: Brown
- Height: 1.76 m, around 5'7" ft
- Weight: 123 pounds
- Appearance: Dark brown short hair slim figure, he's the average guy, some say he's cute, but he doesn't personally think he is. He usually wears a black hood over his head and hides his face, he likes dark clothes, specially black ones, his usual clothing is a white T-shirt under a white short sleeved black as long as a robe from behind, with black pants and a black belt with white designs under the extension of the hood from behind, has two bracelets on his hands, one with a cross, and the other with a dragon pendant, and on his neck wears a necklace which has the shinigami logo as a pendant.
- Personality: He's shy and quiet at first, but when you get to know him he's actually pretty nice, encourages the people around him and never gives up on his goals, but he has an inferiority complex, which sometimes shows up.
- Basic fighting style: His basic fighting style is to defend against the foe's attacks at first, while he analyzes their fighting style and techniques, then dodges them and when he finds an opening he goes all out on them, has pretty good sword handling and he specializes in close combat.

Zanpakuto Information

- Zanpakuto Name: Kuroduragon
- Zanpakuto spirit appearance: He looks like a dragon warrior, half dragon, half man, black scales cover his body and he wears a dark green armor.
- Sealed zanpakuto appearance: The appearance of the sealed zanpakuto is a simple Katana, a meter and a half long with a golden blade.
- Shikai appearance: A greatsword with a golden blade, like ichigo's but more slim for better mobility, the hilt has the shape of a slim dragon, the blade comes from it's mouth, which is 2 inches wide than the blade on each side, same as the wings, the hilt is black.
- Shikai release command: Spread your wings, Kuroduragon!
- Passive abilities:

-His eyes become golden when his adrenaline is at it's peak, thanks to his hearing and sight being slightly enhanced when the shikai is released, his speed and reflexes are slightly enhanced.

-A black flame sphere surrounds him when The Shikai is released, the ratio of the sphere is about 3 meters from him.

- Active abilities:

-Dragon slash!: Slashes downwards with his sword and 3 flames are released from it, two flames fly straight to the foe, but the last one travels underground, and when it's under the foe pierces the ground and flies toward the foe.
-Dark Cut: Runs towards his foe and just as he slashes with his sword vanishes and appears behind the foe, 2 slashes then hit a part of the foe's body.

Bankai information (only for Captain, Vice captain, and 3rd seat!)

- Bankai release command: Bankai...Kuroduragon, grant me your power!
- Bankai appearance: The sword's blade becomes a dark flame and then scatters, flying into Riku's body, Riku's appearance change, his eyes, they become golden and the pupil becomes narrow, like the eyes of a reptile, to be more specific, the eyes of a dragon, his hair becomes golden and he grows wings on his back, the wings made of dark flames, the black parts of his clothes turn into dark flames, but the white ones stay intact, the hilt of the sword becomes pointy and flies into his forehead, just like a black horn, the sleeves on his left arm scatters and his arm becomes a dragon warrior's arm, surrounded by black dragon scales and his left hand becomes a dark claw that he uses to attack and pierce his enemies.
- Passive abilities:
-Dragon's body parts: Thanks to the scales in his left arm he can't only use his arm to attack thanks to the strength the dragon arm grants him, but also he can use it to defend himself, also he can use his wings to fly and the hilt of his sword to pierce or pin his opponents.
-Dark flames along with air waves fly in every direction with release, pushing his enemies back from him.
- Active abilities:
-Dragon's flame: His body becomes surrounded by dark flames and takes shape of a dragon warrior, gets on four paws and releases a dark flame of 6 meters of height and 4 meters of width that burn everything in their way, since it is as hot as magma.
-Dragon's soul: Releases all his soul's pressure and his spirit reacts with his sword's spirit, granting him the power to turn his body into a full dragon warrior's one, being able now to use his jaws to bite the foes, sharp fangs, and getting more strength and speed, and the black scales of his body making it harder and more resistant to both melee and ranged attacks, his body heat goes up and some of his melee attacks burn the foe, and thanks to the spirit of his Zanpakuto he can use dark flames. but of course, only for a limited time of 20 minutes, if more than twenty minutes pass and he's still using that form, the flames inside him will start consuming him.

Extra info:

Skill chart:
Strength: 80
Power (reiatsu amount): 80
Kidou/Rieatsu Control: 90
Hakuda: 80
Zanjutsu 80
Mobility: 80
Zanpakuto: 110
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Stealth Force Profiles
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