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Bleach Legacy is a Bleach Roleplaying forum. The Time is 3012, 1000 years has past sense the defeat of Aizen. The side allows you to join a squad and make your character. Join and gain great experience.
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  RYC Record Book...

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PostSubject: RYC Record Book...   Wed Jan 25, 2012 5:07 pm

Here is where all members of the 3rd Division regardless of thier seats will post their character's RYC (Rate Your Character). Before you upload your RYC be sure to start of by using the following:

Character Name:

Current Seat/Rank: (Unseated if not a seated officer)

Character Specialization: (Zanjutsu, Kido, etc...)

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Location : Soul Society
Posts : 158

Character Ratings!
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PostSubject: Re: RYC Record Book...   Wed Jan 25, 2012 5:12 pm

Character Name: Sanada, Ryoji

Current Seat/Rank: 3rd Division Captain

Character Specialization: Zanjutsu, Mobility, Kido/Reiatsu

General information:

  • Name of the character: Sanada, Ryoji
  • Soul type: Shinigami
  • Division: 3rd
  • Rank: Captain
[indent]Master Specialist in Kidou/Reiatsu control.
Master Specialist in Zanjutsu.
Huge amounts of Power (Reiatsu amount).
Has better control over Zanpakuto than those of same rank.
Master Specialist in Mobility (Shunpo and reflexes).

Rating My Character:
[indent]Has been rewarded 87 points, to use in addition to the base points.
Zanpakuto's Shikai is made of 3 passive ability/ies and 4 active ability/ies.
Zanpakuto's Bankai is made of 3 passive ability/ies and 4 active ability/ies.
Number of points dispatched: 696[/indent]
  • Body Strength: 50
    I have the typical strength of someone who has been doing workout for a short time and I surely developed some traits. I might look scrawny, granted...
  • Power (Reiatsu amount): 135
    I am somewhere in the high tier of Captain class fighters. I have huge loads of Reiatsu as it is.
  • Kidou / Reiatsu Control: 135
    • All Shinigamis can do Soul burial, so do I.
    • As far as Kidou is concerned:
      • Advanced level: The spell will be spot on if you master it. Otherwise, it will be casted at less than a third of its full potential.
        You can cast all numbered Kidou Spells.
      • Master: You can choose yourself the strength of the spell. The spell might reach its full potential as well.
        You can master up to kidou spell #89.
    • If I add all the spells I fire before passing out (in advanced mode), it gives 492.
    • I can hide my reiatsu completely.
    • I can channel my full reiatsu at a nearby location. The target location would be subject to my spiritual pressure. My blasts are very strong and travel quite long.

  • Hakuda (Hand to Hand): 0
    Brawler. Basic punches/kicks which could leave many openings.
  • Zanjutsu (Swordsmanship): 140
    I have reached near-mastery over the art of fighting with a blade (or any sharp object). I could definitely beat most people with a kitchen knife. I could even beat masters if I am careful enough.
  • Mobility (Shunpo and Reflexes): 126
    I am quite the golden arrow out there. Very, very quick. I could catch up with those who move towards me at the speed of light... in terms of reflexes. In terms of Shunpo, to some extent, I can rival with those legendary speedy people.
  • Wielder's control over his/her zanpakuto: 110
    As far as Shikai is concerned:
    • All of my Shikai abilities, (3 passive, 4 active) are fully developed.

    As far as Bankai is concerned:
    • Ability #1 is fully developed. (Passive)
    • Ability #2 is fully developed. (Passive)
    • Ability #3 is fully developed. (Passive)
    • Ability #4 is fully developed. (Active)
    • Ability #5 is fully developed. (Active)
    • Ability #6 is not fully developed but is not unstable either. (Active)
    • I have just unlocked ability #7. It is very immature and needs development. (Active)

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PostSubject: Re: RYC Record Book...   Sun Jan 29, 2012 6:25 am

Charter Name: Hilda

Current Rank: Vice Captain

Charter Specialization: Mobility -&- zanpakuto

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PostSubject: Re: RYC Record Book...   

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RYC Record Book...
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