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Do you like Bleach? Do you like Rping or just hanging out? Well then come join Bleach Legacy today. We have a great community building up trying to be one of the best sites. We have squads you can join and become a great rper. So come on and join!Very Happy

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Bleach Legacy is a Bleach Roleplaying forum. The Time is 3012, 1000 years has past sense the defeat of Aizen. The side allows you to join a squad and make your character. Join and gain great experience.
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 [4th Division] NPC

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PostSubject: [4th Division] NPC   [4th Division] NPC I_icon_minitimeSat Dec 10, 2011 12:51 am

In this thread, you may request to have a new NPC added to your list of playable characters. You may use these NPC's in solo adventures and missions, but not in official events such as spars or divisional events.

In order to use an NPC, it first must be accepted. To request an NPC, fill out the following form:

Quote :
Name: (self explanatory)
Gender: (self explanatory)
Species: (human, shinigami, arrancar, bount, vizard, or something else!?)
Rank: (what rank are they equal in power to?)
Physical Description: (what do they look like. Pictures, as well as word descriptions, suffice. But be as detailed as possible.)
Personality: (do they like cake? Do they hate flowers? Do they hate YOU? Be detailed. Who is your npc?)
Abilities: (what can they do? Do they have a zanpakuto release? Special powers?)
Short Bio: (where did they come from, or is it even known? From your npc's perspective, how much of their past can be revealed? Tell us a bit about it.)
RYC: (optional)
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[4th Division] NPC
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