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Do you like Bleach? Do you like Rping or just hanging out? Well then come join Bleach Legacy today. We have a great community building up trying to be one of the best sites. We have squads you can join and become a great rper. So come on and join!Very Happy

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Bleach Legacy

Bleach Legacy is a Bleach Roleplaying forum. The Time is 3012, 1000 years has past sense the defeat of Aizen. The side allows you to join a squad and make your character. Join and gain great experience.
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 [5th Division] Character Biographies

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PostSubject: [5th Division] Character Biographies   [5th Division] Character Biographies I_icon_minitimeMon Dec 05, 2011 9:05 pm

Everyone that joins this squad is required to fill out a Bio Sheet. This is a MUST if you want to begin Roleplaying or sparring. If you want to add or update something, please just let me know and I will do my best to help.

Please Fill Out The Following.


Appearance and personality
    - Physical Appearance:
    - Gender:
    - Eye Color:
    - Hair Style/Color:
    - Height:
    - Weight:
    - Personality:

    - Color:
    - Shape:

Additional Intel
    - Biography/Resolve:
    - Signature Traits/Abilities: (An ability your character may have, not involving your zanpakutou. An example from the anime/manga would be Yoruichi's ability to turn into a cat. These must be reasonable.)
    - Additional weapons: (This does not include your Zanpakuto...This can be anything from a small dagger, shuriken, gun ~~but if you want a gun please PM the VC or captain and describe the type of gun and its abilities, so we can tell you if you need any changes so its not too overpowered~~ that you carry around)
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[5th Division] Character Biographies
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